Maryland Crab Cakes: Closing the Political Gap


Maryland Crab Cakes: Closing the Political Gap

maryland crab cakes

Someone call CNN! We found the solution to the political divide! It’s Maryland crab cakes!

On Monday, The Daily Record posted an article titled, “Hogan and Miller’s Crab Cake Summit.” The article goes on to tell a story of a dinner between Maryland Republican Governor Larry Hogan, and Democrat State Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller, Jr. The dinner, held at Miller’s Chesapeake Beach home, was just the latest of many extracurricular meetings between the two lifelong friends. The two politicians, mutual friend and former Prince George’s County Sheriff James V. Aluisi, and their wives dined on succulent crab cakes, something that both parties can agree on. But the question remains: what about Maryland crab cakes lets them bridge the gap between the left and the right?

Deliciousness is a Non-Partisan Issue

No matter your creed, no matter your race, no matter your sexual orientation, probably matter a shellfish allergy, Maryland crab cakes can bring together even the staunchest of enemies. They’re that good. Whether it’s the sweet, fresh blue crab meat pulled right out of the Chesapeake, the crispy, golden crust from the skillet, or the touch of Maryland personality you get from a dash of Old Bay, the two men were able to agree on one thing that night. Maryland crab cakes. Are. Delicious.

Whatever the topics of conversation may have been that night, we like to think that at least part of it went something like this:

“Boy, aren’t these crab cakes just absolutely delicious, Larry?”

“Gosh, you know it, Mike. It almost makes me forget about all of our partisan differences, because it’s so hard to focus on anything other than how darn good this crab cake is! I sure am proud of our state for making these things so tasty!”

Okay, maybe that’s a little idyllic, but we can dream, can’t we?

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