Crab Cake Serving Ideas and Pro Tips


Crab Cake Serving Ideas and Pro Tips

crab cake serving

So you’ve got the crab cake part down, but how are you going to fill out the rest of your meal?

You should know by now that crab cakes by themselves are downright delicious. If not, put a pause on reading this blog post and go check out what makes Maryland crab cakes the best, how they’re mending the political divide, and how ours are among the best in Maryland. Okay, now you know that crab cakes are downright delicious. As content as many Marylanders are with a couple crab cakes on a plate, a tin of Old Bay, and a tall frosty Natty Boh, sometimes you want more to your meal than just a lonely crab cake. We put together this list of crab cake serving ideas and pro tips to help you serve up your crab cakes in style.

First — To Bun or Not to Bun?

Heck, there’s no right answer here, who are we kidding? They’re delicious either way! Making a sandwich or slider out of your crab cake turns it into a more casual meal, and lets you get all the goodness of the sweet buttery crab, the sweet buttery bun, and the crisp and fresh bite of lettuce and tomato if you so choose. The bun can also act as a vehicle for sauce and change up the choice of side dish — but we’ll get to those in the next section.

Crab Cake Companions

Remember that crabmeat has a very delicate flavor, so make sure you don’t choose any sides, spices, or sauces that will overpower the flavor of crab. With that being said, here are our thoughts. First thing first, asking for tartar sauce with your Maryland crab cakes is a big no-no in the Old Line State, so don’t even think about it. If you want a sauce, a nice light remoulade is a good choice, especially if you mix some Old Bay in there. Now, as far as sides go, we can go starchy or we can go fresh. Potatoes and rice are great starches to fill up a hearty crab cake meal. French fries are common choices, but mashed or twice-baked potatoes can class it up a little. On the fresher side, a crisp green salad with a light dressing will cleanse the palate, and other green vegetables like spinach, green beans, and broccoli aren’t bad ideas either. And of course, in typical crab feast fashion, corn is the ultimate crab companion when it’s in season.

Wash ‘Em Down

Choosing a drink is another critical component of meal composition. A tall, frosty beer (preferably lighter beers and ales that won’t drown out the crab) is always a good choice, and if you’re in Maryland you better believe you’re getting a tall Natty Boh, hon. White wines are also great for seafood dishes, the lighter and crisper the better.

No matter what’s on the menu, as long as a BoxHill crab cake is at the center of it, you’ve obviously made at least one good choice in planning your meal.

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