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What Do Crabs Eat?

what do crabs eat

What do crabs eat? A crab in its natural habitat.

Crabs have to eat, just like we have to eat. Fortunately, we happen to be higher up on the food chain, so we don’t have to worry about being eaten by a giant crab. However, we certainly enjoy indulging in crab cakes and other delicious crab snacks. But what do crabs eat? And how do they find their food? Read on to learn more fun facts about your favorite Maryland animal – or snack!


Like humans, crabs are omnivorous. On the vegetable side, crabs have a taste for algae, plankton, and fungi. On the meat side, they’ll eat whatever they can get their nice juicy claws on, which means they mostly scavenge dead fish and similar “snacks.” Crabs also do some active hunting and can break open snail, mussel, and clamshells to get at the soft fleshy innards.


Unlike most humans, crabs can’t see very well. Their eyes are good at spotting prey only when it’s pretty close to them. Instead, they use their sense of smell to guide them to food. However, crabs don’t have noses. Instead, they use chemoreception as their method of smell. Basically, they have smell organs called chemoreceptors on their antennae, in their mouthparts (because they don’t actually have a mouth), and on other parts of their body, which they use to “smell” the scent of food in the water. Then they follow their nose (so to speak) to their meal. That sounds pretty similar to following the delicious smell of crab cakes all the way to Box Hill in Abingdon, Maryland!

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