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What’s the Difference Between Soft-shell and Hard-shell Crabs?

soft-shell crabs

Well, what is it? A hard-shell or a soft-shell?

Sooner or later in everyone’s crab-eating days they pop up. With a name that sounds contradictory and a confusing presentation, soft-shell crabs are a mystery to even some of the proudest Maryland blue crab eaters. What are these strange full crabs on a sandwich and how do they differ from our beloved steamed hard-shell crabs? Keep reading to find out!

What are They

The science behind soft-shell crabs isn’t really that complex. As crabs mature they actually outgrow their shells. When it’s time for a crab to grow up they molt, leaving behind their old shell for a new, better sized one. Since the new shell has been protected by the old one up until now it hasn’t had a chance to harden up to protect the crab. Most crabs molt around the same time each year, usually sometime in May. This means that you can only find soft-shell crabs early in the summer.

How Are They Prepared?

Crabs that still have a soft-shell when they’re caught are prepared much differently than hard-shell crabs. Instead of the steaming we are all used to, soft-shell crabs are battered and fried. Whole. Since it’s soft, you can eat the entire crab after it’s cooked. Soft-shell crabs are usually served as a sandwich with lettuce, tomato and a little mayo, just like a crab cake.

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