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Crab Apps for Football Season

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This beautiful sight can really come in handy come game day.

It’s football season which means that if you’re hosting a game day party, your appetizers better be on point. Why not make delicious dishes that will truly stand out with some irresistible crab appetizers. Serving up these tasty delights will make sure that your spread really steals the show.

Crab And Gouda Stuffed Mushrooms

Crab and gouda stuffed mushrooms melt in your mouth and explode with flavor. The combination of sauteed vegetables, succulent crab meat, luxurious gouda, and crispy breadcrumbs with savory seasonings will really drive the crowd wild. It takes only 25 minutes to make this recipe, and all your guests will be begging you for it.

Crab Meat Au Gratin Dip

This is one of the crab appetizers that’s the most perfect for a cold day. It really warms and comforts from the inside out. This elevated, hearty, and delicious appetizer that mixes Swiss and American cheeses and glorious crab goes best with butter crackers or crusty bread.

Cheesy Phyllo Crab Bites

These are an elevated take on the Chinese takeout staple Crab Rangoon. It features crispy layered phyllo shells stuffed with cheesy, creamy, seasoned seafood deliciousness. Make sure to roughly chop the crab meat to get the best texture possible.

Cheesy Cornbread Crab Poppers

Many crab appetizers feature crab meat and cheese for a good reason. It’s a deliciously winning combination. You will see that sweet cornbread, succulent crab, and creamy sharp cheddar make the kind of combination that no one can resist. These go great with various dips, depending on whether you like it spicy or not. If you love spice, try adding chopped jalapenos to your poppers.  

Crab Cake Bites

The classic king of crab appetizers is always a surefire win. Everyone loves crab cakes. These miniature crab cake bites make the ideal treat at any gathering. Be sure to chop your crab meat into rough chunks in order to get the meatiest texture possible.

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