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When is the True Maryland Blue Crab Season?

maryland Blue Crab season

I mean, come on! Is there ever a bad time to dig into these beauties?

Obviously, our gut reaction to this question is “Every single day of the year!” But, unfortunately, the natural way of the blue crab disagrees with us. Here’s a handy guide of what your favorite food is up to during different parts of the year, and when to find the biggest, fullest crabs.

June to August

This is generally considered blue crab season because, in Maryland, we associate blue crabs with summer feasts and ice cold beer. There is next to zero chance you’ve never been to a summer crab feast if you’re a Marylander, native or transplant. By this point in the summer, blue crabs are migrating up the Chesapeake Bay as the weather warms up.

September and October

Now that the crabs have been in the state for a while and aren’t going anywhere just yet, this is the perfect time to find the biggest and fullest crabs all year. Plus, prices tend to go down in late summer and early fall since some crazy people think you should only eat crabs in the summer. More for us!

April and May and the Rest of the Year

Technically speaking, the Maryland blue crab season starts in April and goes all the way to December. During the early and late season blue crabs need to be shipped from North Carolina and Louisiana since the crabs have retreated from the cold and headed to warmer waters.

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