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3 Non-Traditional Ways to Serve Crab Cakes

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The traditional method of serving crab cakes, but what if you’re looking for something new?

Crab cakes are one versatile food. They make great appetizers as small crab balls and the world’s greatest entre as full crab cakes. But how to serve them? Everyone knows the traditional method is to either serve them as-is with some great sides like potatoes or corn, or as a sandwich. But what if you want to try something new? We have three non-traditional ideas of how you can serve and enjoy crab cakes when you need to change it up.

Over Salad

Looking for a lighter way to serve crab cakes during this summer swelter? A nice bed of arugula or baby spinach will compliment a deliciously salty crab cake, and makes for a lighter pairing than more traditional sides like fries.

Over Corn Soup

Think of this one as deconstructed Maryland cream of crab soup. Using the soup as a base, make sure to get your crab cake nice and crispy to offset the creamy base. You can use the soup as a sauce and add potatoes or another great side dish, or put the crab cake right into the soup.

As a Po’Boy

There’s nothing better than combining two regional delicacies to create one amazing sandwich. Again, it’s critical to get your crab cake nice and crispy to mimic the fried seafood usually found on a po’boy. Grab yourself a hoagie roll, some lettuce and tomato and the secret ingredient, lemon aioli.

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