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Why Crab Cakes Make a Great Holiday Meal


Shouldn’t every crab be wearing a Santa hat?

The holidays are fast approaching and it is one of the most wonderful times of the year to get family and friends together for a hearty and delicious meal. What type of delicious food will you on the holiday menu? Crab cakes are a crowd favorite for many during the holidays and the crab cakes can complement any traditional holiday menu. Crab cakes for the holidays can be served as appetizers or as the main event. It really all depends on how big of hit you want your crab cakes to be at your holiday party. The crab cakes are a crowd favorite because the cakes are tasty, light and delicious.


Many families are including Thanksgiving crab cakes on their traditional Thanksgiving dinner menu to create a complete meal with turkey and stuffing. This is especially true for families looking to serve seafood for the holiday but want a safe choice, a welcoming choice for families. As for sides, you cannot go wrong with coleslaw, homemade fries, pasta or vegetables. Crab cakes are even perfect for catered dinners or office parties. To put it short, crab cakes are worth trying for the holidays because the cakes easily go with outstanding recipes and you can count on holiday guests to rave about the divine meal for holiday brunch, appetizers and dinners.


People rave about crab cakes for the holidays because they see crab cakes as an elegant yet affordable holiday food. Crab cakes are something you cannot overkill and it gives holiday planners the ability to get creative with their holiday hors d’oeuvres and main entrees. When people see fresh crab cakes on the holiday mean, they know the party will be rolling in seasonal style. Crab cakes work well for cocktail parties, festive holiday office parties and even family get togethers because crab cakes complement a perfect party format. Picture your holiday gusts helping themselves to an array of crabcakes, shrimp, cheeses, and spreads. See them drinking a white wine as they help themselves to mouth watering crab cakes. This is all possible with crab cakes and you can order your crab cakes in advance of your holiday parties to make sure you are well organized. All you have to do is reheat them for the big event. Not sure where to start with your crab cakes? Box Hill Crab Cakes is here to help you wow your holiday guests with our award winning crab cakes — we can even prepare them as holiday gifts. Tell us what you’re looking for and we will make it happen.


Located in Abingdon, Maryland, our crab cakes are available year round and can be ordered online to be shipped straight to your front door. Order online here or call us at (410)-515-3662. If you ever have any questions or comments about Box Hill or our Maryland crab cakes, use our contact form here.


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