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Crab Management in the Chesapeake Bay

We’re all pretty big on the Maryland Blue Crab here at Box Hill. Not only are crabs delicious, they’re also a cultural icon and a big part of the state’s heritage. Maryland and crabs are almost synonymous. We have a valuable resource in the Chesapeake Bay, and therefore have an obligation to take good care of it, not only for us but for future generations to enjoy and benefit from it as well.


Unfortunately, the health of the Bay isn’t what it could be, and the crab population, while not in the dire straits seen in 2008, has been slow to recover. A recent editorial in the Baltimore Sun advocates for a quota system that would put a limit on crab harvesting numbers in order to give the population a chance to improve its numbers. The Sun suggests a three-pronged approach that includes crab harvesting quotas, a catch allocation strategy “allocating that catch among the jurisdictions in that regulate commercial crabbing in the bay region,” and closely monitoring crab harvesting. Research suggests that these policies help improve the health of fish populations as well as the health of the fishing community. Similar policies have been shown to curtail the hectic opening of the fishing season, also known as the “race to fish”, where fisherman try to harvest the best of the population before it becomes depleted.






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