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The Best Maryland Beer To Pair With Crab Cakes

Find the perfect Maryland beer to pair with Box Hill crab cakes!

Find the perfect Maryland beer to pair with Box Hill crab cakes!

Summer isn’t over just yet! There’s still a few more weeks of warm weather, and what better way to enjoy the last bit of summer with a Maryland crab cake? As we all know, the only thing that makes a crab cake even better is pairing it with a delicious drink, so we found the best wines and beers Maryland has to offer that are the perfect pair to our Box Hill crab cakes. Here are the local beer choices, check back next week to see our wine selections. Enjoy!

Beer + Salty, Delicious Crab Cakes = The Perfect Pair

  • Pilsner: Heavy Seas Brewery’s Pounder Pils

Pilsners are perfect for pairing with all seafood, but especially those cooked in butter. It is a lighter beer with a high citrus zest bitterness from plenty of hops. Heavy Seas Brewery’s Pounder Pils is smooth and elegant showcasing a bright yet zesty botanical aroma, making it a great pair for our crab cakes.  

  • Gose: Union Craft Brewing from Baltimore Old Pro

Before summer ends, you have to try a Union Craft Brewing’s Old Pro while eating crab cakes out on the deck or patio. The Gose beer is a golden color with a peach and citrus aroma and brings a refreshing crispness with just a little tartness and a dash of salt to the palate.

  • Saison/Farmhouse Ale: Stillwater’s Classique

Saison/Farmhouse Ales tend to be complex. The thin-bodied beer is semi-dry, with a sweet corn smell, with hints of lemon pulp and pepper. When drinking a Stillwater Classique with your crab cakes, serve them with a fresh light sauce, as to not overpower the flavors of the beer.

  • American IPA: Jailbreak Brewing Big Punisher

IPA’s are notorious for their bitterness but can be a great pairing to a spicy crab cake to cut through the heat. Jailbreak Brewing’s Big Punisher is has a semi-sweet malt backbone, complemented with citrus and tropical fruit hops for a delicious and refreshing finish.  

It’s Always the Right Time for Box Hill

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