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Celebrate Maryland Day with Box Hill Crab Cakes!

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Happy Maryland Day to the Old Line State and all you crab-lovin’ Marylanders out there!

Happy Maryland Day! Despite the Terps’ not-so-gentle ousting from the NCAA March Madness Tournament last night at the hands of the Kansas Jayhawks, there’s plenty to celebrate today. Grab your Maryland flag, O’s, or Ravens gear, your can of Old Bay, and your crab mallet, because it’s time to celebrate the Old Line State that we all love so dearly.

Celebrating Maryland Day

Maryland Day, is a real, legal holiday established in 1903. The day is observed throughout Maryland to commemorate the anniversary of the first European settlers to strike ground in Maryland on March 25, 1634, thereby establishing the third English colony to be settled in North America. Since that historic day nearly 400 years ago, Maryland has grown into one of the most beautiful, strong, and prideful states in the nation. You know what Maryland does best? Crab cakes. And you know who does crab cakes the best? Box Hill.

Box Hill Crab Cakes — the Pride of Maryland

Crab cakes are far and away the quintessential dish of Maryland pride. Lay out your red, white, black, and yellow table cloths and get your Box Hill crab cakes to celebrate. Thanks to the fresh blue crabs that are born and raised right off our coast in the Chesapeake Bay, Marylanders have been able to create the freshest, most delectable crab dishes possible. The history of crab cakes in Maryland dates back to the first published recipe in 1930, and we think we’ve grown in the best ways possible to give you a succulent crab flavor with minimal filling and maximal Maryland.

Celebrate Maryland Day the right way with crab cakes from Box Hill. If you feel so inspired, share your Maryland Day celebrations with us on social media! We love hearing from our happy customers.

Enjoy the Freshest Crab Cakes at Box Hill Pizzeria

We take pride in our commitment to customer service, guest satisfaction, and family-friendly environment. Our carry-out seafood restaurant is a popular regional eatery with long-time, faithful customers who come in weekly to enjoy our famous crab cakes, incredible Italian dishes, authentic Greek specialties and delicious hot and cold subs to name just a few of the menu favorites.

Continually recognizes as one of Maryland’s best restaurants for crabcakes, give us a try and you too will be a satisfied customer who will be back for more!

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