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What Makes A Maryland Crab Pretzel?

Learn what makes a delicious Maryland crab pretzel!

Learn what makes a delicious Maryland crab pretzel!

Marylanders hold the crab pretzel close to their hearts, as the appetizer has become a state specialty. While crab pretzels may be very common to you if you’ve always lived in Maryland, many people from other states have never experienced the delicious treat! Continue reading to learn more about the Maryland crab pretzel, then come down to Box Hill try our crab pretzel loaded with crab meat and cheese!

Maryland Blue Crabs

The most essential ingredient of a Maryland crab pretzel is, of course, the Maryland blue crab. Many Marylanders believe the most important part of enjoying the blue crab is appreciating where it came from. Blue crabs are caught fresh from the Chesapeake Bay, usually before the sun is even up.

Blue crabs can be harvested both as soft shell or hard shell crabs depending on their molting process. According to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, blue crab is one of the most important species that is harvested in the bay and provide the highest value of commercial fishery. Chesapeake Bay waterfront landowners also find an advantage when it comes to catching these crabs, and they are allowed to use crab pots and catch crabs on their own. This process is crucial in bringing Box Hill’s famous crab cakes to our happy customers.

What Makes A Maryland Crab Pretzel?

The fresh lump crab meat from the blue crabs is used to make crab dip, which typically includes ingredients such as cream cheese, mayonnaise, parmesan cheese, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, and of course, Old Bay seasoning. Next, a fresh pretzel is needed, as a crab pretzel is best when served fresh, warm and soft. The crab dip and pretzel are then covered with a lot of cheese- typically shredded jack or cheddar- then broiled until crisp on top. Most Marylanders top off the appetizers with some more Old Bay seasoning, then dig in!

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