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Beer To Pair With Seafood To Celebrate National Beer Lover’s Day


Celebrate National Beer Lover’s day by pairing beer with your favorite seafood from Box Hill!

Today is National Beer Lover’s Day, and what better way to celebrate than with pairing your favorite beer with Box Hill’s famous crab cakes! Various beers pair very well with all types of seafood, ranging from sushi and fatty fish to crab and lobster. Continue reading to learn more about beer pairings, then visit Box Hill for a delicious seafood dinner!


Pilsners complement all types of seafood, but especially those cooked in butter. This type of beer is light with a refreshing finish that works best with fatty fish such as salmon and tuna. The hoppy, bitter beer is also delicious paired with other light meats, such as chicken and sausage.


The hoppy characteristics of an India Pale Ale help to cut through the heat of a spicy crab cake or the oily butter on lobster. The piney notes in an IPA are also very complementary to fish cooked on cedar planks, as the earthy tones in the beer match the smoky flavors that come from cooking on planks. The bitterness of American IPAs also pairs perfectly with the natural sweetness of scallops.


Crabs and clams paired best with a hefeweizen; a lighter beer with citrus notes and enhance the sweet flavors of shellfish. Hefeweizens or Belgian witbiers also complement a traditional lobster meal, as the citrus notes enhance the squeeze of lemon in the dish.


Gose is a sour, salty, and amber session beer that is made for drinking outside with a plate of delicious crab cakes. Union Craft Brewing’s Old Pro has a peach and citrus aroma that brings the right amount of crispness and tartness to the seafood dinner.

It’s Always the Right Time for Box Hill

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