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Dry Ice Shipping from Box Hill

Dry ice is the name given to frozen carbon dioxide. It’s made by releasing liquid carbon dioxide from a high pressure tank. The liquid immediately expands and evaporates rapidly, by which process the remaining liquid is cooled down to carbon dioxide’s freezing point, which turns it into a solid.


Frozen carbon dioxide has a surface temperature of negative 109.3 degrees Fahrenheit. When exposed to temperatures about its freezing point, dry ice does not melt into water but rather sublimates into carbon dioxide gas, skipping the liquid phase entirely. The reason for this is the fact that carbon dioxide will only become a liquid under high pressure; under normal atmospheric pressure it will never reach a liquid state.


This property of dry ice makes it great for shipping items that need to be kept cold. Packaging won’t be damaged by the sublimation process, and dry ice sublimates at a slow enough rate that it will last long enough to keep the contents of the package cold for the duration of the shipping process.


This is why Box Hill is replacing frozen reusable gel packs with dry ice to ship our crab cakes. Not only does dry ice last longer than gel packs, it also will save you money on shipping costs. Your crab cakes will arrive at your door fast with next day shipping, and they’ll be just as fresh as they were when they were made. So don’t sweat it if you can’t make the drive to pick up some of our delicious crab cakes. We’ll ship them to you in the cool comfort of dry ice.


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