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A Salute to the Maryland Blue Crab

Labor Day has come and gone, and this summer is not long for 2013. A summer filled with Maryland crabs and crab cakes is one well spent. Fortunately it doesn’t have to end there. Even though crabs are traditionally considered a summer treat, we’ll have our famous crab cakes ready for you year round, so you can get your crab cake fix whenever the urge may strike.


In this blog we’d like to take a moment to thank our favorite crustacean, the Maryland Blue Crab. Our shelled friends provide us with much delight every summer, and we feel that someone should give them the credit they deserve. Your deliciousness has been the inspiration for many a cookout and family get-together where many a fond memory has been made. Countless hours were spent by crab lovers across the state this summer picking, malleting, tossing shells into buckets, and savoring the delicacy that is the blue crab. Your enchanting blue-green shell sets you apart from other crabs which, in our opinion, don’t come close to matching your beauty or your distinct sweet taste. A pile of steamed crabs doused with Old Bay is a sight for sore eyes, with a smell so enticing that few can resist its allure.


So here’s to you Maryland blue crab. May you forever prosper in the Chesapeake Bay (may we diligently work to protect this valuable resource), and may you always be a delight to every resident of our fair state.




Thank you Maryland blue crab!



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