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The Truth Behind The Top 3 Seafood Myths

We know you’ve heard some of these seafood myths, but here is the truth behind those statements!

We know you’ve heard some of these seafood myths, but here is the truth behind those statements!

Seafood is delicious and is very popular in our great state of Maryland, but there are a lot of negative myths about fish. While you may hear that frozen seafood is bad for you or that fish has unhealthy levels of mercury, continue reading to learn about the truth behind these myths!

Fresh “Never Frozen” Is Always Better Than Frozen

The truth behind this myth is that fresh “never frozen” isn’t always better than previously frozen fish, as it all depends on how the fish was handled and how it got to your plate. In fact, frozen seafood can even be fresher than fresh seafood in some circumstances. When fish is frozen the same day it is caught, it stops the microbial growth and preserves the fish to ensure it is fresh when you’re ready to eat it.

Fish Has High Levels Of Mercury

Some types of fish do contain mercury, including swordfish, tilefish, and King mackerel, but the average person will not get mercury poisoning from eating the recommended amount of seafood. While pregnant women have been told to stay away from all seafood in the past for fear of high mercury levels, the EPA updated their advisory regarding seafood and concluded that pregnant and breastfeeding women- and all women of childbearing age- should eat more fish with low mercury levels. The new recommended amount of seafood for women and young children is two to three servings a week.

Cooking Fish Is Difficult

This is one of the most repeated myths out there, as many people claim cooking seafood on their own is too difficult. However, fish is often easier to cook than most meats- and takes much less time! Many types of frozen seafood can be purchased from your local grocery store, and require little preparation that mainly includes thawing in the fridge a few hours before cooking. Other than that, the cooking process is often very simple!

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