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4 Fun Facts About The Maryland Blue Crab

Check out these fun facts about Maryland Blue Crabs!

Check out these fun facts about Maryland Blue Crabs!

Maryland blue crabs are a staple in the state, and have been caught in the Chesapeake Bay since the mid-1800s. Marylanders love crab in every way, from crab soup or dip to their world-famous crab cakes. Continue reading for some fun facts that you may not know about the popular Maryland blue crab!

Savory Beautiful Swimmer

The scientific name of the blue crab is Callinectes sapidus, which actually translates to “savory beautiful swimmer.” Anyone who eats blue crabs knows how accurate this is, as the crabs are prized for their delicate flavor and tender meat. The crabs are essential to Maryland’s economy, although a significant number are caught in the Virginia waters of the Chesapeake Bay.

Males vs. Females

It is quite easy to tell male and female blue crabs apart, as the females have red tips on their front claws. When looking at the underside of the crab, the male will look long and slender, similar to an inverted “T.” The female’s underside will change as it matures, as an immature female has a triangular abdomen while a mature female’s abdomen is rounded. When eating, male crabs are preferred because they have more meat than females.

Daily Catch Limits

Maryland has a daily catch limit for blue crabs to ensure that annual crab harvests stay balanced with shifts in quantity each year. There are also laws regarding which crabs can be harvested based on their size. The legal size of harvesting male crabs is five includes or more (across), and three and a half inches across for soft crabs. However, there are no size limits for mature females. Every winter, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources will conduct a survey to estimate the number of spawning-age females to ensure the blue crab population is growing.

Summer Is Crab Season

If you haven’t already heard- it is officially prime crab season! There is no place better to enjoy Maryland crabs than in state, and don’t forget to look for annual crab festivals throughout the summer. Now that you’re craving crab cakes, head on into Box Hill for our world-famous crab cakes for the perfect summer treat!

It’s Always the Right Time for Box Hill

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