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Why The Maryland Blue Crab Is The Most Sought After Seafood

Learn why the Maryland blue crab is one of the most sought after seafood.

Learn why the Maryland blue crab is one of the most sought after seafood.

All residents of Maryland know about the blue crab, as they have been a staple in the state for many years. While there is a huge variety of seafood to enjoy, ranging from lobster tails to shrimp, crab meat is always at the top of the favorite food list. Maryland blue crabs offer a very unique taste that is overflowing with flavor can’t be compared to other seafood! Continue reading to learn more about the great Maryland blue crab.

Flavorful Meat

During the winter, blue crabs go into hibernation and begin putting away fat in their meat. This extra fat makes crab meat overflow with delicious flavors and gives the crab a delicate and sweet taste that we all love! In fact, the scientific name of the blue crab is “Callinectes sapidus,” which translates to “savory beautiful swimmer!”


One reason why blue crabs are so sought after is because of how versatile they are. The Maryland blue crab can make any summer dinner a special treat, as they can be the star of various dishes, ranging from salads and soups to pasta and Asian-inspired stir-frys. Blue crabs can be prepared in many ways, from steaming to grilling, and of course, you can enjoy fresh crab meat in your favorite crab cakes from Box Hill!

Catch Limits

Because blue crabs are so popular, Maryland enforces a daily catch limit to ensure annual crab harvest stay balanced each year. The restrictions also include qualifications for which crabs can be harvested, including size and gender. For example, the legal size of harvesting male crabs is five inches across or larger, and for soft crabs, the legal size is three and a half inches across. There is no size limit for mature females, but every winter, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources will estimate the number of spawning-age females to ensure the blue crab population is growing. While we all want to enjoy lots of delicious crab meat this summer, it’s important that the population continues to grow!

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