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Crab Cakes Make The Perfect “Meatless” Friday Meal During Lent

Learn why crab cakes make the perfect “meatless” Friday meal during the Lenten season!

Learn why crab cakes make the perfect “meatless” Friday meal during the Lenten season!

It is almost the beginning of the Lenten season, and those who observe Lent will have to start looking for creative meatless meals for Friday dinners. However, the rule makes an exception for seafood, so your favorite fish, shrimp, and crab dishes are perfectly acceptable. Box Hill has various seafood options that are perfect for the Lenten season, in addition to our world-famous crab cakes! Come to Box Hill for your next Friday meal, or order our crab cakes right to your door.

Lent-Approved Menu Options

For Christians, the Lenten season is a time for sacrifice and abstention, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy tasty food. Customers will start to seek out non-meat option for Friday dining, and seafood restaurants may add new special menu items to offer more variety. You may also see fast-food and all kinds of restaurants advertising their meat-less or seafood menu options. While finding meat-free dinner choices was once difficult, it is now quite easy to find restaurants that offer vegetarian and vegan options. At Box Hill, we offer a variety of fish, crab, shrimp, and lobster menu items, so you won’t have any trouble finding a delicious Friday meal!

Box Hill Crab Cakes

Box HIll crab cakes are made from freshly caught blue crabs and are made into crab cakes within 24 hours of being caught. We pride ourselves on only buying the freshest crabs from local businesses, as it not only helps the economy but also ensures that we use the highest quality meat for our customers! While other seafood restaurants may try to save money by buying their crab meat from national processors, Box Hill will always live up to our reputation of having the most authentic and delicious crab cakes- filled with real meat rather than filler. We only use a light filing to ensure the crab cake holds its shape, flavored with lots of herbs and spices to help the overall flavor and texture of the crab cake without overpowering the great taste. Come on down to the restaurant or order online to try them yourself!

It’s Always the Right Time for Box Hill

We are located in Abingdon, Maryland, and our crab cakes are available year-round! If you ever have any questions or comments about Box Hill or our Maryland crab cakes, use our contact form here.

Box Hill Crab Cakes is your source for the freshest, most authentic Maryland crab cakes—and we’ll ship them to your door! Our top-secret family recipe has been fine-tuned for decades, and we guarantee you will love them. Visit us online to place your order or give us a call at 410-515-3662. Want to get recipe ideas, updates, and information on sales? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Trip Advisor, YouTube, and Twitter.

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